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Healing and medicine can be similar terms.  In Healing we want to first uncover the root cause of an issue and then minimize or eliminate it.  Medicine defines how tools can be applied to accelerate this healing. As an Osteopath, I ask the question; “Given the circumstances will the body heal itself?” As a Physician we take an oath “to first do no harm.”   Where do we look for this healing that can trigger the body’s innate healing and do no harm?  Natural remedies like massage, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine all work, but how long do they take and how effective can they be?

As a doctor, I haven’t been this excited in years!  We’ve incorporated into our practice what we believe is a faster and more effective tool for side effect free, non-invasive healing.’   Dr. Cindy Hall

Whole Body Photobiomodulation Bed

Photobiomodulation therapy (LED Light Therapy) presents an extraordinary tool to help people get better without side effects.    LED Light Therapy delivers specific wavelengths of light energies in specific frequency patterns to help the cells heal.  According to Harvard professor, Dr. Michael Hamblin, the positive cellular benefits that occur inside the cell, ‘cascade down into and affect nearly every tissue organ and system in the body’.  If we can heal the cell, everything get’s better. 

Everything…  You… just get better.
The benefit curve of Photobiomodulation is frequently called ‘too good to be true’ because the gains people are experiencing are so broad.  Even industry insiders are surprised with the outcomes.  The reported and research driven benefits of LED Light Therapy simultaneously span:

  • Pain Relief – LED Light Therapy is FDA approved as a side effect free modality for relief from minor aches and pains.
  • Aesthetics – Users often see improvements in skintone and hair. Users even report their ‘eyelashes have grown back the way they were in high school’
  • Performance – Professional and Elite Athletes use PBMt enhance performance without drugs. Improvements in speed, strength and endurance have been shown in clinical trials.
  • Recovery – LED Light Therapy reduces pain and inflammation to speed recovery. Research shows it protects athletes from the damage they can incur during intense training/competition.
  • Cognitive Function – Near Infrared light has proven in practice and research to help people recover from CTE’s TBI’s, Stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Wellness – The root cause of the vast majority of diseases facing man today is inflammation. Led Light Therapy reduces inflammation.  Full body photobiomodulation beds dramatically reduce inflammation by illuminating the entire body with the right wavelengths in the right dose at the right frequencies.    We see people recovering from autoimmune diseases and reducing their reliance on Insulin for diabetes, high blood pressure medications prescribed for hypertension, pain relief medications for neuromuscular pain.
  • Weight Control – LED Light Therapy has been shown in research to accelerate weight loss and reduce girth when combined with exercise in clinical trials. 

The benefits seem truly too good to be true… but why not?   If PBMt can heal the cells without side effects, then everything should get better.  People should Feel, Think, Look and Perform…Better.  After months of research into different systems, we chose the ARRC LED ‘ATP’, whole body photobiomodulation bed.

  • Power – The system is as powerful as you can get without overdosing which means that depth of penetration is optimized, per session treatment times reduced and conditional response or recovery time shortened.
  • 5 Wavelengths – The ATP system is an innovator that presents 5 unique wavelengths or healing signatures.
  • Condition Specific Pulse – The ATP system presents multiple frequency pulse patterns that can further optimize the power and wavelengths within the system

ATP was Also Chosen by:
The ATP system has been chosen by every branch of the US Military, by NFL Franchises, MMA, Premier Soccer, Tier I Collegiate programs and more.   World and corporate leaders have this system in their homes.  As word gets out, more and more doctors will be offering this technology as a tool to help their patients heal.


Treatment times can be effective in as little as 3 minutes but we suggest 12 – 18 minutes depending on your condition.   As a general rule, the second treatment is better than the first, third better than the second and so on.  Pain for some can be relieved in the first session but generally we recommend 3 sessions for pain relief.  Deeper seated issues like autoimmune diseases will take longer.

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